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It is an account that you open with a bank to park your money. You earn interest on the amount you deposit in your savings account and enjoy the flexibility to withdraw any number of times you want to.  This account is highly instrumental in encouraging savings habits in the individuals.  

Another advantage of opening a saving account is that it provides liquidity. Your money remains safe in your savings account and you can access it any time using the ATM cum debit card issued by your bank to you.

Also, the net-banking facility provided by banks makes it very convenient to operate a bank account. You can transfer funds from one account to another in few clicks, apply for bank draft online, create a fixed deposit or recurring deposit online, check your bank statement online whenever you want to.

How savings accounts differ?

On the face of it, most of the saving account would look same as majority of the banks give an interest rate of 4% per annum on saving account but this is not the case.

Banks differ on the interest rate (a few banks also provide interest rate of up to 6%). Another differentiating factor is the minimum quarterly balance requirement that has to be maintained in an account. It differs from bank to bank. Most banks keep the minimum quarterly balance requirement at zero in case of salary account.

How to open a salary account?

So, before you open a salary account first compare the various options available and that you can easily do Take the following steps to choose the best savings accounts for yourself.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2:  Click on Saving Account section.  The following page will open. You just need to provide few details regarding your name, monthly income, city where you are residing, employment status (Self employed or salaried) . After giving these details you can click on view offers. 




Step 3: This page will show you the various offers from different banks. You can compare the various saving bank account features offered by various banks. You can compare them on the basis of the interest rate, minimum quarterly balance requirement and free ATM transactions etc.



Step 4: In this last and final step you just need to give few more details and click on submit. You will be soon contacted by the bank executive. 


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