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Credit Card

key benefits of PNB Credit Card

Punjab National Bank or PNB is India’s one of the largest financial Institution of the country. The Bank has made tremendous success in its journey from 1985 till date where the networks of branches and ATMs have crossed more than 5000 and 6000 respectively. The bank offers a host of products under Personal Banking, Social Banking, MSME Banking, Agricultural Banking, International Banking etc. The bank has also been acclaimed with several awards for its outstanding overall performance.

Here we will discuss about Punjab National Bank’s Credit Card.

Benefits of Punjab National Bank Credit Card

As mentioned above, Punjab National Bank is one of the preferred banks in India, and the bank provides a Global or International Credit card which are universally acknowledged in almost 29 to 30 million merchant establishments and over 1 million Visa ATMs. The credit cards have manifold features which makes the cards very attractive the customers.

Features of Punjab National Bank Credit Cards

Add On Credit Card: One can take up to 2 free supplementary credit card for its family members like spouse, parents, children. However for children, the age has to be over 18 years. This form is available online.

Utility Bill Pay: One can pay all the utility like electricity bills, telephone bills  from the official website of the bank.

EMI facility: For any transaction made by the customer which are of higher amount and customer wishes to repay the same in monthly, the bank provides the EMI facility as well. The minimum criteria is Rs 2500/- on a single transaction. EMI application form can be downloaded from website or one can call at the help line number as well or email. The repayment structure is as follows:

For 6 months – Amount Rs 2500/- - EMI Amount Rs 439/- which includes finance charge

For 6 months – Amount Rs 10000/- - EMI Amount Rs 1756/- which includes finance charge

Processing fee is 2% of transaction amount and finance charge is 1.5% per month and prepayment charge is 3% on outstanding amount. This form is available online.

Balance Transfer facility: Any card holder can transfer the outstanding balance of his other banks credit cards to PNB Global card at a much lower interest rate.

Under this eligibility is anyone who is a resident of India and is a primary card holder can apply for the same. However, the card should not be over limit and delinquent.

The repayment period is 6 months with finance charge is 0.99% and monthly installment of Rs 172 .50/- for every Rs 1000/- . The processing fee is 1% of Balance Transfer amount or Rs 199 whichever is higher.

Free Credit Period: Any card holder who has paid the entire outstanding of hid credit card balance or on before the due date, is eligible for a minimum of 20 days and maximum of 50 days of credit period which means, there will be no interest that will be charged during this period.

Waiver of Fuel Surcharge: An exclusive feature where the bank waive off the surcharge on fuel when a customer spends Rs.  400 and Rs. 3000 per transaction in any city in India and in any petrol pump.

Revolving Credit Facility: The greatest advantage of the card is allowing the customer to pay the minimum amount due and rest of the amount is adjusted as outstanding which is added in the next billing cycle.

Purchase of railway tickets: One can purchase railway tickets with the credit card online as well.

Rewards Program: The card holder can earn one reward point for every Rs. 100 spent on his credit card. Additionally, the reward points can be converted into JP Miles also where 1 JP mile can be added for two reward points.  And hence in this way, one can save a lot and book airline ticket as well.

Concierge Services: A special desk is assigned for a particular card holders segment where they are eligible to get personalized and specialized services like travel booking assistance, reservations for restaurants, passport/ visa support, flower and gifts delivery, emergency medical help etc.

Types of Cards Offered by Punjab National Bank:
  1. PNB Global Platinum Card
  2. PNB Global Gold Card
  3. PNB Global Classic Card
  4. PNB Global Platinum Card

​PNB Global Platinum Card is an exclusive card which is available to special category of customers and they can enjoy the selected facilities and with a Priority customer care services which are only available for them like as follows:

Concierge Services which includes:

  • Passports and visa support also can be asked for before any trip.
  • Many and host of lifestyles bookings are also available for the card holders.
  • One can make booking of flowers and gift and ask for delivery help and assistance.
  • For any emergency support like medical help, roadside assistance and patient travel arrangements also can be got.
  • Airline and hotel bookings can be done.
  • Reward Points: Upon purchase, 2 points are being added on every retail transaction of Rs 150/- .
  • PNB provides full statement every month to its platinum card holders for their ease and convenience so that customers are able to maintain proper records.
  • Added Incentive: A variety of commercial offers are also available under this plan.

PNB Global Gold Card

PNB Gold Card is a type of credit card which is used or rather can be used for all purpose starting from dinning out, shopping, travelling and purchasing of tickets and many more. The main features can be summarized as follows:

For every Rs 100 spend, one can earn 1 reward point. And the accumulated points can be redeemed for attractive offers from PNB’s special rewards program.

In case the card is lost, and after the same gets reported to the toll free number the limited liability on any fraudulent transactions starts which protects the card holder from any such losses.

Add on Cards of 2 can be obtained for spouse, son, parents, son and /or daughter, however son or daughter has to over 18 years of age.

One can pay the utility bills also from this credit card through the official website of PNB.

Accepted at more than 350,000 merchant establishments and at more than 30000 Visa ATMs all over India, the card can also be used at over 30 million merchant establishments and more than 1 million Visa ATMs globally.

PNB Global Classic Card

PNB Classic Card is another type of credit card which is used  for every purpose of daily life like, shopping, travelling abroad or within India, dinning out purchasing of tickets and much more. The salient features can be summarized as mentioned below:

  • For every Rs 100 spend, one can earn 1 reward point. And the accumulated points can be redeemed for attractive offers from PNB’s special rewards program.
  • In case of any unfortunate event if the card is lost, and after the incident of card loss is reported to the toll free number, the limited liability on any fraudulent transactions starts which protects the card holder from any such losses arising due to card lost
  • Add on Cards up to 2 can be obtained for spouse, parents, son and /or daughter, however, such individuals have to be over 18 years of age.
  • Paying the utility bills also from this credit card through the official website of PNB.
  • This card is also accepted in more than 350000 merchant establishments and in more than 30000 Visa ATMs all over India and over 30 million merchant establishments and more than 1 million Visa ATMs globally.

PNB Credit Card Charges and Interest Rate-


PNB Global Platinum Credit Card

PNB Global Gold Credit Card

PNB Global Classic Credit Card

Entry fee

Rs 500

Rs 300


Renewal  Fee




Annual Fee

Rs 500



Rate of Interest

2.45/ month

2.45/ month

2.45 / month

Add on cards

Rs 500



Finance Charges 2.45% per month
(1.5% for cards against fixed deposit)
2.45% per month
(1.5% for cards against fixed deposit)
2.45% per month
(1.5% for cards against fixed deposit)

Various Modes of Payment in Credit Card-

One can pay for his credit card through various modes like auto debit, cash or cheque payment dropping cheques at drop boxes, through net banking, payment through online, NEFT payment or Visa Money Transfer.

Eligibility criteria for the cards

Before applying for any variant of the Punjab National Bank’s Credit cards, applicants have to make sure that they qualify for the cards based on the required eligibility criteria for the card. The criteria re mentioned hereunder:

  • The applicant’s educational qualification should be 10th pass
  • The primary cardholder should be aged between 21 years and 65 years. For add-on cards, the cardholder of the add-on card should be aged between 18 years and 65 years
  • The income criterion depends on the occupation of the individual and the card applied for. For salaried individuals, for Classic Card, the income should be a minimum of Rs.1 lakh, for Gold Card it should be a minimum of Rs.2.5 lakhs and for the Platinum Card the income should be a minimum of Rs.5 lakhs. Businessmen, self-employed professionals or non-professionals should have a minimum income of Rs.1 lakh for the Classic Card, Rs.2 lakhs for the Gold Card and Rs.5 lakhs for the Platinum Card.
  • The applicant should reside within the city or be employed in the city from where the card is being applied for
  • The applicant should have an existing banking relationship with the bank for a minimum period of 6 months

Documents required to be submitted

The following documents would be required which the applicants are to submit for availing any of the card desired. The list of documents includes:

  • For proof of address, any one of the following documents, after being verified with the original would have to be submitted:
  • Ration card
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Statement of bank account
  • Letter from employer acceptable to the bank
  • Credit card statement
  • Letter from any authorized public authority acceptable to the bank
  • Income or Wealth Tax Assessment Order
  • Letter from a public sector employer
  • Voter ID Card if it contains the current address
  • Pension payment orders which are issued to retired employees by Government departments or PSUs containing the current address
  • Copies of registered lease and license agreement or sale deed or lease agreement
  • For officials of central or state governments and PSUs whose profiles are less risky from the bank’s perspective, the Branch Heads can verify the Photo ID and address details of the individuals from independent verifiable sources and let them apply for the cards. This facility can be enjoyed by gazette officers of central or state government departments or senior members of Public sector undertakings
  • Post-paid mobile phone bills
  • Consumer gas connection card or bill or pipe gas bill
  • Certificate from the ward or equivalent rank officer who maintains the electoral rolls and can verify the address of the individual
  • Passbook of Post Office Savings Account
  • Domicile Certificate with communication address and a valid photograph
  • Certificate granted by the Village Extension Officer (VEO) or Village Head or an equal or a higher ranking officer.
  • Court Divorce Order or Marriage Annulment order
  • Documents which are issued by government departments of foreign jurisdictions and letter issued by the Foreign Embassy or Mission in India
  • Water bill
  • Property or Municipal Tax Receipt
  • Letter of allotment of accommodation by employer which is issued by central or state government agencies, PSUs, scheduled commercial banks, financial institutions and listed companies.
  • For identity proof, any one of the following documents can be submitted with authenticated photographs and the document would be verified with the original.
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voter’s ID Card
  • Driving License
  • Letter issued by UIDAI containing name, address and Aadhar Card number of the applicant
  • Specific identity cards like Government or defense ID Cards, ID Cards or renown PSUs, pension payment orders to retired employees from central or state government agencies or departments or PSUs, ID cards issued by post offices, photo identity card issued by authorized public bodies, ex-servicemen card which a photograph, bar council/medical association/institute of chartered accountants of India/ institute of cost accountants of India or institute of company secretaries ID Card, defense dependent’s card which contains a photograph, statutory or regulatory authorities card, scheduled commercial bank’s ID card, or ID cards issued by public financial institutions.
  • Letter from an authorized public authority or servant to verify the address and the identity of the applicant
  • Identity proof of married women with maiden name requires a verified true copy of the marriage certificate
  • Statement of credit card with the credit card containing the photo of the applicant which should not be more than 2 months old
  • Registered property document with photo identity
  • Arms license issued by the state or central government
  • Freedom fighter’s pass which is issued by ministry of home affairs containing the photograph of the applicant
  • Employee State Insurance Card (ESIC) containing the photograph along with the current month’s salary slip
  • Talati or Patwari attestation via a rubber stamp and signature.
  • Income proof
  • Self-attested copy of PAN Card. 

PNB Credit Card Customer Care Number

PNB Bank Credit Card users can get in touch with the bank’s customer care via call, email and SMS. Here are the details:

PNB Bank credit card customer care Toll Free number: 0120 – 4616200, 1800 180 2345

PNB Bank credit card customer care Email: creditcardpnb@pnb.co.in

PNB Bank credit card customer care mail address for any grievances:

Credit Card Processing Centre,
11th Floor, Atma Ram House,
1 tolstoy Marg, 
New Delhi –110001

For more info, please visit the given link: