Kolkata City

Erstwhile known as Calcutta, it is the state capital of West Bengal. It is located at the east bank of Hoogly river. Kolkata is the principal commercial, cultural, and educational center of East India. The port of Kolkata is the oldest operating port. It is among the four metropolitan city of India.

There is a wide range of personal loans that are available in Kolkata. You need to first assess the cost of the loan that is the interest rate that will be charged from you. The interest rate varies in a wide range so do the analysis before taking any personal loan. If you have a good credit score you can bargain for a lower interest rate.

Personal loan

As the name suggests this loan is for personal use. You can utilize the loan amount wherever you want as far as it is not for speculative purpose. You can use personal loan amount for your own marriage, for paying medical bill, for renovating your house, funding your child’s education abroad etc. Banks are more than happy to provide personal loans to people who have good credit history and have repaid all their past loans on time. There are many ways of getting a personal loan. You can apply for it online as well as offline.  


  • Personal loan can be availed both salaried and self employed persons
  • Balance transfer facility is there
  • Prepayment option is available in case of personal (bank may charge prepayment charges)
  • The tenure can go upto 60 months
  • loan repayment can be done through post date cheques or ECS or auto debit

Benefits of taking personal loan

  • You are free to use the loan amount, there are no restrictions
  • These days the approvals are very fast, infact you can get the in principle approvals in a minutes time.
  • Documentation process is very fast. If you are an existing customer the documentation process becomes  even faster
  • Unlike home loan or auto loan, you don’t need any collateral in case of person loan
  • The personal loans are available at cheaper interest rates compared to private lenders and credit cards. 

Documents required for personal loan in Kolkata


Eligibility criteria  for personal loan in Kolkata


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