Indore City

It is the most populated city of state of Madhya Pradesh. It is the commercial capital Madhya Pradesh and home to the stock exchange of Madhya Pradesh. The city houses both Indian Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Management. Madhya Pradesh Stock Exchange is the third oldest stock exchange. Trade and commerce is the reason for the growth of the city.

About Personal loan

Be it a holiday abroad, home renovation, a loan for marriage or wedding in the family, repayment of existing loan, a medical emergency or even buying that precious gift for your loved ones personal loan can fulfill all these requirements.  


  • For getting a personal loan there is no need to get a Security or guarantors.
  • There is a flexibility to use the loan anywhere you want to.  
  • Many lenders provide conditional online  approvals also
  • There is a flexibility to choose the repayment option. It can be done either through ECS, autodebit or post-dated cheques.


  • The interest loan is lower than the interest rate of credit card. It remains constant throughout the tenure of the loan.
  • The documentation requirement is minimum as compared to other loans
  • The loan amount is generally disbursed in 72 hours as the processing time is quite fast
  • There is no restriction on where you can use the loan amount as you are not claiming any tax deduction. You can claim a tax deduction on the interest part under Section 24B, if you can prove with proper documents that the loan was taken for the construction or renovation of house.

Documentation process for personal loan in Indore


Eligibility criteria &charges for people applying personal loan in Indore


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