Hyderabad City

It is the shared capital of the two states— Andhra Pradesh and the newly formed Telangana. However, the governor of Telangana will have the administrative control of Hyderabad. He will have the charge over the law and order, internal security and safety of the city.

Hyderabad is the oldest city with age-old civilization and culture.  It has history of over 500 years. The city was established by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.  It is very popular for pearls and is also known as the Pearl city of India.  It is home to people from diverse cultures and traditions.

Like in any other city, it is very easy to get a personal loan in Hyderabad. There are many bank and non-banking financial companies that offer personal loan services in Hyderabad.

 Personal Loan

If you are in a dire situation where you need cash on an urgent basis, you can approach your bank for a personal loan. You don’t need any collateral or a guarantor for availing a personal loan. That is why it is easily available to anybody with a good credit score and meets the eligibility criteria. Although there are many private money lenders that also offer personal loans but its always better to take it from a bank or NBFC as they are very transparent in their lending terms while private money lenders have ambiguous terms and conditions and above all they charge a exorbitantly high interest rate.


  • Fixed rate of interest- it doesn’t change during the term of the loan
  • No need to provide any guarantor or collateral
  • The tenure can go upto 60 months
  • loan repayment can be done through post date cheques or ECS or auto debit

Benefits of taking personal loan

  • The loan amount varies from Rs 50,000 to Rs 15 lakhs and can be utilized for personal or professional purposes
  • It requires minimum documentation
  • The loan disbursal takes 3–5 working days
  • The EMIs are based on the pre-decided interest rate that is lower than a credit card loan

Documentation for personal loan in Hyderabad


Eligibility criteria  for personal loan in Hyderabad


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