Guwahati City

It is the largest city of the state of Assam. The city has many ancient temples that is why it is also known as the “City of Temples”. The city is located near to the state capital of Assam.

Guwahati is located between the banks of Brahmaputra River and the foothills of the Shillong plateau. The LGB airport is on the west of the city while the Narengi town is on the east.

People in Guwahati can get personal loan easily if they meet the eligibility criteria. The good thing about personal loan is that one doesn’t need a guarantor or collateral in case of a personal loan. 

What is Personal loan?

If you are in crisis and are in need of funds to meet any urgent cash requirement or maybe you want to splurge a little— want to go for a vacation, buy a gift for your loved ones, personal loan can help you in meeting the cash requirements.


  • The tenure of the personal loan can range between 12 months to 60 months.
  • The documentation process is very fast
  • The interest rate will be fixed at the beginning of the tenure
  • You get the flexibility choose the tenure of your choice.
  • You can choose the repayment option from –ECS, autodebit or post dated cheques.

Benefits of taking a personal loan

  • No lender will question you where you are using the money. You can use the amount for any purpose. 
  • Compared to secured loans such as home loan and car loan the documentation process is quite fast
  • The loan amount is generally disbursed in 72 hours as the processing time is quite fast.
  •  You can get a personal loan at a relatively lower interest rate compared to credit card. Unlike home loan the interest rate remains fixed in case of personal loan.  

 Documentation process for personal loan in Guwahati


Eligibility criteria &charges for people applying personal loan in Guwahati


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