Gurgaon City

It is also known as Guru-gram meaning guru’s village. The city is situated in national capital region and is the major satellite cities of Delhi, the national capital of India. It is the second largest city of the state of Haryana. The city has seen unprecedented growth in terms of infrastructure development and construction in the recent decade. Guragon has the 3rd highest per capita income in India after Chandigarh and Mumbai. The city is hub for information technology companies and various business process outsourcing companies.  

The working class in Guragon enjoys high salaries. This has increased the personal loan eligibility of the borrowers in Gurgaon. If you are working in a multinational company in Guragon you won’t find it difficult t get personal loan in Gurgaon.  

What is personal loan?

It is an unsecured loan which is available to both individuals and self-employed professionals. It is called unsecured loan because no collateral or guarantor is needed for this loan.      


  • Personal loan are available with fixed interest loan.
  • The loan repayment can be done either through ECS, autodebit and post dated cheques.
  • Loan repayment can be done in easy installments
  • The loan tenure can go upto 7 years
  • The loan amount can go up to 30 lakhs


  • The process of documentation is very quick. If you meet the eligibility criteria you can get the loan in 72 hours time.
  • The purpose of the loan can be any ranging from buying furniture or renovating house or for child’s marriage or a vacation. There are no restrictions on borrower on where he or she can use the loan amount. 
  • Any collateral or guarantor is not required in case of a borrower.
  • The borrower can also claim tax benefit under Section 24B for the interest amount, if the personal loan is taken for the renovation of the house.
  • The borrower doesn’t have to worry about the change in the interest rate changes as it remains fixed for the entire tenure.

 Documentation process for personal loan in Gurgaon


Eligibility criteria &charges for people applying personal loan in Gurgaon


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