Coimbatore City

Also known as Kovai, is one of the biggest city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the fastest growing Tier- II city in India. Coimbatore is the major textile, industrial, commercial, educational, information technology, healthcare and manufacturing hub of Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore is one of the largest exporters of jewellery,wet grinders, poultry and auto components.
It is also known as Pump City because it accounts for the two third of supplies of motors and pumps in India. Surrounded by the Western Ghats, it is located on the banks of Noyyal river. Personal loan in Coimbatore is easily available to those with good credit score and qulaify the eligibility criteria of various lenders..

Personal loan

As its name suggest this loan can be taken for any personal use be it for buying a car parking, renovating house, own or child’s marriage. One can use the money for any purpose other than speculative purpose. It is one of the most commonly taken loans in India because it is very easy to get. There is no need to put any of your assets as collateral as it is an unsecured loan.


  • Personal loan is available at fixed rate of interest.
  • The tenure is flexible. The borrower is free to choose the tenure as per his or her suitability.
  • The personal loan comes with a prepayment facility.
  • The personal loan also has balance transfer facility.   
  • It gives three repayment options- ECS, autodebit and post dated cheques.


  • Personal can give you tax benefit under section 24B for the interest rate paid on the personal loan taken for home renovation.
  • You are not restricted to use the loan amount for any particular purpose.
  • Interest rates will remain fixed throughout the tenure of the loan
  • The documentation process is very quick.
  • There is no need to provide any collateral or guarantor.
  • It is available to both salaried as well as self employed persons.
  • The flexible tenure helps in easy repayment

 Documentation process for personal loan in Coimbatore


Eligibility criteria for people applying personal loan in Coimbatore 


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