Amritsar City

Historically known as Ramdaspur and colloquially as Ambarsar, is a city in north-western part in India located in the state of Punjab. It is famous for The Golden Temple, the spiritual and cultural center for the Sikh religion. The demand for personal loan has risen over time in Amritsar.

Personal Loan in Amritsar

When you need money urgently, you can take personal loan. Apart from speculative purposes, you are free to use the loan amount anywhere you want to. You may need funds to pay off your existing credit card debt that is straining your finances or you may need it to fund your child’s education or a family vacation or renovating your house. Whether you are a self-employed person or salaried person, you can get a personal loan easily if you meet the loan eligibility criteria.


  • There is no need of collateral or guarantor
  • The rate of interest is lower than the rate of interest being charged in case of a credit card.
  •  There is a facility to transfer your balance to another lender that is charging a lower rate of interest.
  • You can also prepay your loan amount if you get additional funds but do check the prepayment charges that your lender will charge.
  •  The can choose a longer tenure of upto 60 months or a smaller tenure of 12 months as per your repaying capabilities.
  • You can pay the loan as per your convenience either through ECS, auto debit or post dated cheques


  • The documentation process takes very less time. If you meet the eligibility criteria, the loan will be disbursed to you in 72 hours time
  • You can apply for the loan online as well as offline
  • There are no defined purposes by the lender for which one can utilize the personal loan amount.
  • The interest rate will remain fixed during the entire tenure so you don’t have to worry about the rising interest rates.

Documentation process for personal loan in Amritsar


Eligibility criteria for people applying personal loan in Amritsar


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