Agra City

Tourism contributes to a large extent in the economy of Agra. It has a big industrial base for automobiles, leather goods, handicrafts and stone carving.  Also, there are many manufacturers and exporters of apparel and garments in Agra. The leather industry is among the most traditional and original industries of Agra. To cater to the needs of the people of Agra, many financial institutions offer personal loan in Agra for both salaried as well as self-employed people. If you need a personal loan you will find many options.

Personal Loan in Agra

This is the easiest loan to avail. There is no need to provide any collateral. You can get it in 72 hours time. If you take a personal loan, you have the flexibility to use it anywhere you want to. There is no limitation on the usage. You can use your personal loan for repaying your credit card debt. You can also use the documentation process happens very quickly and the loan is disbursed in 72 hours. It is available for both salaried as well as self-employed people with good credit score. Many lenders offer online loan application service.


  1. Loan is available for a tenure of upto 7 years
  2. Loan amount can vary from Rs 50000 to Rs 15 lakh.
  3. The repayment tenure ranges between 122 to 60 months.
  4. Interest rates ranges between 11.29 to 17%


  1. You don’t have to provide any collateral or guarantor.
  2. You don’t have to show the bank the purpose of taking loan, you are free to utilise it wherever you want to.
  3. if you take the loan for renovation of your house and prove that the funds were utilised for this only, you can also take an income tax deduction under  Section 24B for the interest part.

Documentation Process for Agra Personal Loan:

  • Copy of Pan Card
  • Proof of identity like voter ID or Passport or Aadhaar Card or Driving Licence etc
  • Proof of age like driving licence, passport, school certificate, Pan Card copy, etc
  • Last 3 months’ salary slip
  • Last 6 months’ bank statement
  • Proof of residence- Passport/ post-paid mobile bill/ Landline bill/rental agreement etc
  • Document’s showing Job Stability & Continuity such as Form 16, Offer Letter, Relieving Letter, etc
  • Three passport size photographs

Eligibility Criteria  for Agra Personal Loan:

  • The applicant’s age should not be less than 21 years or more than 60 years
  • For a salaried individual, minimum monthly income is Rs 15,000. Salary bracket varies based on the company you work for, the city you live in and some other factors. For example, people working in MNCs will have lower salary requirement than those working with start-ups. Applicants from metro cities will have higher salary requirement than those from non-metro areas.
  • Applicant should be staying in the same city for at least 1 year
  • Applicant should be able to present basic documents like address proof, identity proof, bank statement, etc.
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