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Loan Against Property: Definition and Basic information

Because we are never sure when the bad times can arrive, Indian banks have designed a special loan to assist us in the hour of need. This is a loan against property. Its structure is simple, the application is fast, and it is the best loan to provide you a large amount of money in short time notice.




People apply for this loan for various reasons. Usually, they found themselves in an unpleasant financial situation and they need some fast money to cover the expenses. On the other hand, this money can also be used as an investment. It is a good amount that can boost your business or improve your education.

How can you benefit from this loan

The loan can be used in various ways. Besides solving emergency cases, you can use it to improve your business or to invest in some other project. Below are some of the important documents required for a loan against property:
  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Income Proof
  • Passport-sized Photographs
People also think that personal loan can be a substitute for a loan against property. This is not true. There are important differences between these two schemes. The most important difference is the fact that personal loan can’t acquire you big amounts of money in short time notice. This can’t help you in emergencies.

Things to know for the application process

Almost all the banks in India provides loan against property schemes. Different banks have different loan schemes for LAP, therefore, before applying for a LAP it is advisable to do thorough research. Below are a few things to keep in mind before applying for a loan against property:
  • Interest rate: It is very important to consider the interest rate of the loan schemes before even applying for it. An interest rate is the rate at which you have to repay the bank.
  • Loan tenure: With a longer loan tenure you get lower interest rate and with a shorter loan tenure you get higher interest rate. It is very important to choose the loan tenure very wisely.
  • Credit history: A loan scheme impacts the credit history, based on this the future loans are approved. If you repay your loans on-time, then it increases your credit score and presents you as a better borrower for all your future loans.

Interest Rates in Lucknow

Loan against property Interest Rates differ from bank to bank. However, it is always between 12.00% and 16%, and all banks in India respect that.




Here are some examples of the Interest Rates that banks for loan against property in Lucknow offer:

1. Kotak Bank: Interest Rate is 11% onwards
2. HDFC Bank: Interest rate is 11.35%
3. Oriental Bank of Commerce: Interest Rate begins at 11.65%

Banks in Lucknow that provide with this loan scheme

Various banks can offer you a loan against property in Lucknow. Some of them are:




1. Allahabad Bank:

  • Interest Rate starts from 14.95%
  • Maximum loan tenure is 9 years
  • Maximum loan tenure is 2 crores
2. IDBI Bank:
  • Interest Rates starts from 10.95%
  • Maximum loan tenure is 15 years
  • Processing fee is up to 1% of the loan amount
3. State Bank of Hyderabad:
  • Interest Rate begins from 13%
  • Maximum loan tenure is 10 years
  • Loan margin is 25% of the loan
4. Canara Bank:
  • Interest rate is 12.35% onwards
  • Loan tenure is up to 10 years
  • Processing fee is 1%

If you have the loan amount you want to apply for, then log in to the Paisabazaar official website and provide your personal details and loan requirements. You can also use the free online tools- Loan Against Property EMI Calculator and Loan Against Property Eligibility Calculator.

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