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Basic Details About Loan Against Property

Emergencies are always unpredicted. You never know when something might happen, so you should always have some emergency options. Loan against property is providing you this. You can get the needed money in no time, to solve your problem.

This amount is based on your property, and property is a security for this loan. The money will number up to 70% of your property. You can apply for a loan against property in quick 5-step process at out Paisabazaar.com website. You can also use our online tools- Loan Against Property EMI Calculator or Loan Against Property Eligibility Calculator.

Reasons to Apply for this Loan

When you apply for this loan, you will get the money that you need, and you will get it fast. Hyderabad loan against property allows you to keep your property while receiving the money. Repaying your loan on time will help you to avoid losing your mortgage. With a loan against property you can easily meet your goals, while keeping your savings intact.

What You Should Know Before Applying

When you want to apply for the loan, you should check all the possible options. Many banks in India are offering this loan scheme. Each one of them has a different program, so you can visit their branch or website for more information.


Below are the Documents required to process the loan:

  • Income Proof
  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • 6 Passport-Sized Photographs
  • PAN Card Details

Hyderabad Interest Rates for this Loan

Interest Rates for a loan against property in Hyderabad can differ. Let us look at some loan schemes and their Interest Rates:

1. Vijaya Bank: Interest Rate is 12.15%
2. Punjab National Bank: Interest Rates starts from9.75%
3. State Bank of India: Interest Rate begins from 10.5%
4. HDFC Bank: Interest Rate is between 11.3% and 12.8%

Banks in Hyderabad with Good Loan Against Property Offers

Many banks for a loan against property in Hyderabad are offering this loan scheme. Some of them are:

1. State Bank of Hyderabad:

  • Interest Rate is 12.95% onwards
  • Maximum loan tenure can be 10 years
  • Margin – 25%

2. Federal Bank:

  • Interest Rate is between 13.48% and 14.88%
  • Maximum loan tenure is 15 years
  • Processing fee amounts 0.50% of the loan money

3. Punjab and Sind Bank:

  • Interest Rate is 9.75% onwards
  • You can get loan tenure up to seven years
  • Processing fee is only 1% of the loan amount

4. UCO Bank:

  • Interest Rate goes up to 11.7%
  • Your loan tenure can go up to seven years
  • You can take up to:



    • Rs 200 lacs
    • or Rs 500 lacs, if you apply in the name of your company

You can apply for your loan against property at our Paisabazaar.com website in less than a minute. Simply log in to our loan against property page and fill in the required details. The website will show you a list of loan schemes based on your details. Choose the best loan scheme and click ‘Apply’.

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