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Loan Against Property: an introduction

Loan against property is a loan made to provide you with money that is based on your property mortgage. You will get between 40% and 60% of the value of your property, which you can use for various purposes. You never know when will bad times arrive, and that’s why it is good to have this loan as an option. Applying for this loan against property is less than a minute’s process at our website. You can also use our free online tools- Loan against property EMI calculator and Loan against property Eligibility Calculator.

How can this loan help you with your financial problems

The application for loans against property is among fastest and most efficient in India. Bank officials understand that the majority of applicants are dealing with some situations that cannot wait. That’s why they will provide an immediate feedback.
People usually think that taking a personal loan for emergencies is a better solution. Personal loans tend to have higher Interest Rates than loans against property. It is always wise to choose loan against property over any other loan to accomplish any major financial goal.

Loan Against Property details that you need to have on mind

There is a great variety of loan against property schemes that you can get in Ghaziabad. Each scheme is different so you must check what banks have to offer. The list of documents required to process the loan is different for every bank, but the essential ones are the same:
  • Income Proof
  • Address Proof
  • PAN Card Copy
  • Address Proof
  • 6 Passport-Sized Photographs

Ghaziabad Interest Rates for this loan scheme

Loan against property Interest Rate is different for each bank. There are good examples of loan against property schemes in Ghaziabad:


1. State Bank of India: Interest Rates begins from 10.5%
2. Punjab National Bank: Interest Rates start from 11.05%
3. Allahabad Bank: Interest Rate is 14.95%

Loan Against Property schemes in Ghaziabad

There are many banks for loan against property in Ghaziabad that can provide you with scheme:


1. Union Bank of India:

• Interest Rate is 0.50%
• Maximum loan tenure is 12 years
• The biggest amount that you can take:

  • For residents of India: Rs 10 crore
  • For nonresidents: Rs 5 crore
2. Punjab and Sind Bank:


• Interest Rate is 12% onwards
• Maximum loan tenure is 7 years
• No pre payment charges

3. Punjab National Bank:

• Interest Rate is 11.05%
• Maximum loan tenure is 7 years
• Pre closure charges is 0.90%

4. Vijaya Bank:

• Interest Rate is up to 12.15%
• Maximum loan tenure is 7 years
• Processing charges is 0.15%
Follow a 5-step process at our website to apply for a loan against property in less than a minute:

  • Fill in online loan against property with your personal details and your loan requirements
  • Our intuitive platform will display a list of most suitable loan schemes for you
  • Select your loan scheme
  • Submit the scanned copies of your documents
  • Click ‘Apply’

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