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Credit Card

Kotak Mahindra bank has a range of credit cards in its bouquet of cards. There are different categories of cards and each category is further subdivided into a range of cards. Let us take a look:


1- Essentia Platinum Credit Card – This credit card by Kotak Mahindra Bank is great for shopaholics. Here are a few exclusive features of Essentia Credit Card-
  • 10% savings on departmental and grocery store spends
  • Spend 1,25,000 every 6 months and get 6 free PVR tickets or 1,200 reward points
  • Redeem your reward points against cash, airline tickets, air miles, movie tickets, mobile recharge and branded merchandise
2- Royale Signature Card This is a premium credit card and comes loaded with benefits. Top features of Kotak Royal Signature Credit Card include-
  • Earn up to 4X reward points on every 150 spent across all spends done on your Kotak Royale Credit Card
  • Get up to 30,000 reward points on annual retail spends of 8 lakh
  • 2 complimentary domestic airport lounge access in a calendar quarter
  • Save 1.8% railway surcharge waiver for transactions on IRCTC website and 2.5% for transactions on Indian Railways booking counters
  • In case your Credit Card is stolen, you get a cover of 2,50,000 against fraudulent usage up to 7 days pre-reporting
3- Kotak Delight Credit Card – A dining credit card by Kotak Mahindra Bank, Kotak Delight offers some amazing benefits, such as-
  • 10% Cash back on all your Dinning & Movie spends
  • A maximum Cash-back of 600 per billing cycle
  • Minimum spends of 10, 000 on categories other than dining and entertainment within the billing cycle to avial cash back
  • Spend 1,25,000 every 6 months and get 4 free PVR tickets
  • 1.8% railway surcharge waiver for transactions on www.irctc.co.in| * 2.5% for transactions on Indian Railways Booking Counters
4- Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card – Best suited for movie buffs, this credit card by Kotak features some unparalleled benefits-
  • Get 1 free PVR movie ticket* every month on Rs. 10,000 spent and above in a monthly billing cycle
  • Get 2 free PVR movie tickets* every month on spends of Rs. 15,000 and above in a monthly billing cycle.
  • Shop anywhere in India and earn complimentary PVR movie tickets all around the year
  • Get coverage of Rs. 50,000 to protect your card from unauthorized transactions on both primary and add-on cards
5- Kotak Bank PVR Platinum Card – An enhanced version of the previous credit card, PVR Platinum offers the following benefits to its users-
  • Get 2 free PVR movie tickets* every month on spends of Rs. 10,000 and above in a monthly billing cycle
  • Shop anywhere in India and earn complimentary PVR movie tickets all around the year
  • Enjoy the free insurance cover in case of a lost or stolen card
  • Get insurance of Rs. 75,000 per year on both primary and add-on cards
Credit Card Safe Usage Tips


  • The customer should make sure at the time of receiving the Kotak Mahindra bank credit card, the welcome kit is in a sealed condition, otherwise he should call the customer care immediately.
  • The customer should immediately sign on the reverse of the Kotak Mahindra bank credit card.
  • The Kotak credit cards should be treated carefully as we care for our cash.
  • The loss of credit card should be immediately reported to the customer care of the bank.
  • The customer should make sure that the card is swiped only in his presence.
  • The mobile number of the customer should be updated and registered with the bank for instant transaction alerts.
  • The customer should inform any change of address or contact detail to the bank immediately.
  • If the customer notice any unrecognized transaction in his statement he should report it immediately to the Kotak customer care.
  • The customer should get himself registered to generate OTP (online transaction password) Through Verified by Visa (VBV) or Master Card Secure Code (MCSC) to obtain an extra safety layer in transactions. This code is in fact currently mandatory for carrying out any online transaction.
  • The customer should cut the card into four pieces before disposing it when the card is renewed/upgraded or cancelled.
  • The customer should get his card replaced if he has used the card in a country where the incidence of credit card fraud is high, if he is applying for a credit card he just needs to call up the Kotak customer care.


  • The customer should not handover his Kotak credit cards to anyone, even if the person claims to represent the bank.
  • The customer should not disclose his card number, expiry date and CVV number to anybody.
  • The customer should avoid using the Kotak credit cards on unsecure or unknown websites.
  • The cardholder must never write the card PIN on the card or on any other documents which are carried with the card.
  • The customer should not give a photocopy of the front and backside of the credit card, to anybody for any reason even if he is applying for a new credit card.
  • The customer should never access his account through Internet Banking using any public computers like those at cyber cafes.
  • The customer should never use the credit card on any unsecured websites which does not reflect a lock symbol. The lock icon indicates that the website is secured and is also applying an encryption technology for transmitting the sensitive data.
  • The customer should never fall victim to the mass emails or SMS bulks which ask for the credit card details.
  • The customer should never respond to any mails which asks for his personal details and is offering attractive schemes from any unknown callers. The customer should know that Kotak Mahindra Bank will never ask their customer to share the personal banking details.


Kotak Mahindra credit card customers now can enjoy an extra protection and comfort with the KOTAK Visa chip credit card. The customer can now feel secure with the EMV chip and PIN card because this card is difficult to be tampered and it is also impossible to be copied. It also protects the card from fake use and scanning frauds.

What is a chip and PIN card?

New cards feature EMV, a new technology which is being used in credit and debit cards to enhance security and bring about a reduction in frauds and misuse of the card by anyone at the time of making any transactions where the card is present. It sets the global payment facility by reducing the risk of any misuse of the card.

The chip embedded in the card protects the Kotak bank credit cards from being scanned/cloned as in case of the magnetic strip card and the PIN protects the card from getting used in case you lose it.

What is a PIN?

PIN or the Personal Identification Number is a six digit number that the customer receives after seven days of receiving the chip card. The customer can further generate or change the PIN through net or mobile banking as well as Interactive Voice Response.

The PIN is very important for any POS use of the Kotak bank credit card like at fuel stations, supermarkets, departmental stores etc. and for the cash withdrawals at the ATM’s with the Kotak bank credit cards. The PIN number should not be shared with anybody and the customer should remember that the credit card ATM PIN is different from the debit card ATM PIN.

What to do with the old card(s)?

After you have received and activated the new card, the old card should be securely disposed off.

How do the new Chip and PIN credit cards work?

A Chip card works just like an ordinary card but with a new feature of a microchip being embedded in it.

The same is required to be inserted in the card reader at the time of making any transactions and it does not required to be swiped.

How does the credit card with Chip and PIN work?

  • The merchant at any outlet inserts the card into the card reader.

  • The merchant then inputs the payable amount into the machine. The card reader then prompts the customer to enter their PIN number.

  • Once the amount is verified the machine prints the receipt.

  • A signature is not required in case the PIN is used and verified.

How to use your Kotak Credit Card

  • When the customer makes the purchase at any merchant establishment, he should present the KOTAK Visa Chip Card to the merchant.

  • The merchant then will insert the credit card into the card reader and it will be visible to the customer till the transaction is complete. If the merchant establishment does not have the card reader, the card can still be used with the magnetic stripe.

  • The customer should himself enter the PIN only when the machine prompts to enter the PIN. The customer should never reveal the PIN to anyone. He should sign the charge-slip only after entering the PIN.

  • If the customer suspects something wrong and in case of any fraud the customer should contact the 24Hr customer care of the Kotak Mahindra Bank.

  • If the customer has applied for the international credit card then the limit assigned to the card should only be used at the international destinations. If the customer wants to reduce the limit then he should contact the 24Hr Customer care of the Kotak Mahindra Bank.

  • The credit limit is the total limit assigned to the card it includes the limit of the ADD-on card also.


  • The customer should make sure that his card is Chip and PIN based.

  • The customer should enter the PIN himself and then only should sign the charge-slip.

  • It has to be noticed that that not all the merchant establishments across the world uses the card reader some might be using the older technology so the card might get swiped also at times.

  • In case the chip on the card is not working the customer care should be contacted immediately.


  • The customer should never share or write down the PIN anywhere.

  • The customer should never call out the PIN loudly or should not enter the Pin when somebody is looking over.

  • If the card of the customer gets damaged then the he should immediately inform the customer care of the bank and should ask for the replacement.

The Card Protection Plan (CPP)

The Kotak Mahindra Banks offering credit cards in India believes in providing a tension free life to their customers. At the time of crisis the customer should be strong enough to take the challenge easily. For helping the customers to lead a stress free life the Kotak Bank has introduced the CPP-Card Protection Plan. The Kotak credit card holders no need not worry about the theft or misuse of the card. The customer is just required to give customer care a call and the rest is taken care by the bank.

The Features and benefits of the CPP-

  • The customer is required to give one free call to block all the cards.
  • The customer gets the benefit of emergency hotels and travel assistance up to Rs.80000 in India and Rs.1,20,000 abroad.
  • The customer gets the emergency cash advance up to Rs.20,000 in India.
  • The customer has the facility of reporting the loss of mobile phone. (SIM Blocking)
  • The customer gets Free PAN Card Replacement Service.
  • ​Fraud Protection up to Rs.200000.
  • The Fraud Cover Plan cover includes - Lost or stolen cards which have been used fraudulently, use of cloned cards online. Phishing and PIN fraud as well as any other type of misuse of credit card.

One Assist

The customers nowadays have got addicted to two things badly one is their wallet and the other is smartphone before leaving the home. Loss of any one of them can cause hamper to their plans and can badly disturb the schedule. But now the customer need not worry about the loss anymore and can lead a tension free life. The facility which provides them this relief is ONE ASSIST.

The unique features and benefits of this facility are as follows:-

  • The customer is required to give one call to block all the Credit, debit, prepaid cards from his wallets and replace them.

  • This facility gives Free PAN & Driving License Replacement.

  • Lost Card Fraud cover-7 days prior to reporting (up to Rs.250000).

  • Lost Card Fraud cover-complete protection is provided post reporting.

  • Lost card fraud cover includes lost or stolen cards which are being used in a wrong manner.

  • Block the SIM of your lost mobile phone, wipe off all the data and locate the phone.

  • It provides for the hotel bill settlement and return ticket booking of Rs.80000 (Domestic) and 160000 (International)

  • Emergency cash assistance is given up to Rs.25000 in India.

  • Docusafe: 1GB free Online Storage space is provided to the customer for important documents.


The Add-on card is just like the Credit card which have the same benefits like the own card of the customer. He can easily set the limits on the add-on card. The customer can keep track of all the add-on cards issued. The customer has to furnish all the KYC of the holders to apply for Kotak credit cards.

Apply for a Kotak Mahindra credit card Online

In keeping with the rising trend of online transactions, the customer can apply for Kotak credit cards online through website. The process is simple:

Visit the Paisabazar.com website and select the required card, the page opens where the customer is required to provide his or her personal information and details to fulfil the Kotak credit cards eligibility.

After the details are provided and submitted, the company’s executive gets in touch with the customer to guide him with the application process.

Kotak Credit Card Customer Care

Kotak Bank credit card holders can contact the Kotak Bank credit card customer care for any unresolved query via call, email and SMS. Here are the details:

Kotak credit card customer care number: 1860 266 2666 (local call rates applied)

Kotak credit card customer care online: Kotak credit card holders can submit their grievances or queries through a complaint form given on Kotak official website. Customers need to mention their registered email ID.

Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card
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