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Credit Card

J & K Bank offers Credit Cards to its customers called the Empowerment Credit Card which comes loaded with attractive features and benefits. Let us take a look at the credit cards from J & K Bank in details to facilitate a proper understanding of the features and benefits offered by the Empowerment Credit Card issued by the bank.

Empowerment Credit Card from J & K Bank

Features of the card

  • The card is offered in association with MasterCard and is accepted across all Merchant Outlets which accept MasterCard Credit Card and at all MasterCard enabled ATMs
  • The card comes in three variants of Blue Empowerment Card, Silver Empowerment Card and Gold Empowerment Card all of which have different features and benefits
  • The cards provide a 20-50 days of credit free period
  • If the customer pays the minimum amount due in the same billing period, a revolving credit facility is offered to the customer
  • A hassle-free credit facility is offered by the bank to its customers at very competitive rates of interest
  • The customer can withdraw cash for up to a maximum of 20% of the credit limit available in the card
  • The card has an attractive Loyalty Program which promises great rewards and discounts to customers
  • The card is enabled with a MasterCard SecureCode which prevents online fraud while shopping online. This gives the customer peace of mind during online shopping by requiring a security code at the time of the checkout process
  • The bank provides 24*7 customer assistance through its dedicated help desk
  • The credit limit allowed under the card varies with the variant of the card. The Credit Limit under the Blue Empowerment Card is up to Rs.25, 000, under the Silver Empowerment Card is up to Rs.50, 000 and under the Gold Empowerment Card is up to Rs.1 lakh
  • The credit card interest rate is 2.25% per month
  • The annual fee for the card is Rs.300 and the renewal fee is Rs.250 every year up until the card is renewed
  • J & K Bank offers add-on credit cards at a nominal fee of Rs.150
  • The card provides waiver of fuel surcharge across all petrol pumps in India
  • A late fee of Rs.100 is charged in case of delay of payment of the credit card bill
  • Cash withdrawal on the credit card attracts relevant charges which will be the higher of Rs.50 or 2% of the transaction amount in case of withdrawing the cash from Jammu Kashmir Bank’s ATMs, higher of Rs.100 or 2.50% of the transaction amount in case of cash withdrawal from other bank’s ATMs and higher of USD 5 or 2.50% of the transaction amount for withdrawing cash overseas

Jammu and Kashmir Bank Credit Card Eligibility

  • Salaried and self-employed individuals can avail of the Empowerment Credit Card issued by Jammu Kashmir Bank
  • The annual income for salaried employees should be a minimum of Rs.80, 000 so that they are eligible to avail of the Credit Card from J&K Bank.
  • For self-employed individuals, the annual income criteria is a minimum of Rs.1.5 lakhs

Documents for J & K Bank Credit Cards

The following documents are required to be submitted for availing the Empowerment Credit Card offered by the Jammu Kashmir Bank:

  • Income Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof

Fees and Charges

The following fees and charges are applicable on the Credit Card



Service Charge / Jammu and Kashmir Bank Credit Card Interest Rates on purchase or cash

2% per month

Entrance Fee


Annual Fee


Renewal Fee


Add-on Credit Cards


Maximum interest fee credit period if the full credit card bill is paid before the due date

Up to 50 days

Cash advance fee at the Bank’s ATMs

2% of the amount withdrawn subject to a minimum of Rs.200for each transaction

Cash advance fee at other Bank’s ATMs from the date of the transaction made

2.5% of the amount withdrawn subject to a minimum of Rs.200for each transaction

Cash advance charges for cash withdrawn overseas

2.5% of the amount withdrawn subject to a minimum of USD 5 for each transaction

Late payment fee


Fuel Surcharge

Waived off

Hot - listing charges


Minimum payment on credit card dues

5% of the statement due amount or 5% of total card  limit + 100% of  the over limit credit card usage

Re-issue of stolen, lost or damaged card


Charges for over the limit credit usage

Rs.200 per instance

Returned Cheque

Rs.100 per instrument

Limit Enhancement Fee


Card Replacement Fee


Retrieval of Charge Slip

Rs.50 or the actual charges incurred whichever is higher

PIN Replacement Fee


Service Tax

Charges as per Government regulation


Some conditions applicable under the Jammu and Kashmir Bank Credit card

  • Minimum Amount Due - Post the generation of the credit card bill, the cardholder is required to clear the dues as reflected in the bill. If the cardholder does not want to pay the entire amount, a Minimum Amount Due has to be paid. The Minimum Amount Due payable would be 5% of the total balance of the credit card bill which shows the outstanding bill amount. The Minimum Amount Due of any previous bill, if not paid, would also be added in the current bill and any payment in excess of the credit limit would also be included as the Minimum Amount Due which has to be paid
  • A free credit period which can go as high as 50 days which does not entail a credit card interest rate is allowed in the card for clearing the outstanding balance
  • A cash advance of a maximum of 20% of the available credit limit can be availed under the card.
  • For claiming the Lost Card Liability, the customer is required to inform the bank as soon as possible.
  • Credit card statement – The statement contains a list of every transaction made using the J&K Bank credit card along with the total due amount and due date for repayment. This facility is provided to the customer at no extra cost.
  • Online payment – customers have the option of paying their credit card bills by cash, cheque or online banking.

Apply for Jammu and Kashmir Bank Credit Cards

Applicants can apply for a Jammu and Kashmir Bank credit card by visiting the Paisabazar.com website and filling up the application form. All the eligibility requirements can be checked on the website and applying for a credit card process can be completed online. One can also compare credit cards. It is easy, simple, convenient and hassle-free. The applicant’s details are recorded in the required fields which are mandatory for checking the eligibility criteria and then making the applicant eligible for availing the J & K Bank credit card online.