IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank

IndusInd Bank is a Mumbai based scheduled private bank founded in Mumbai in April 1994. This bank offers a wide range of banking as well as financial products and services to the customers and is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The bank has over 745 branches with a total network of over 1635 operating ATMs. It has two representative offices outside India in London and Dubai respectively.


The code is an acronym for Indian Financial System Code and is a branch-specific code for facilitating fund transfers across branches of the same bank or other banks. For example the IFSC code for Patna branch Bihar is INDB0000055 whereas for Rukanpura branch, Patna, Bihar is INDB0000326.

Types of Credit Cards

There is a huge range of credit cards offered by the bank which have various different features. They are:

Super Premium Credit Cards: These cards are basically of two types namely

  • Indulge Credit Card:
It is very unique and rare type of a credit card in the entire Indian sub-continent as it comes with an inlay that is made of 22K pure gold and the spending limit on this card is not set by the company.
  • Pinnacle Credit Card:
This card is custom-made depending on the needs and requirements of the card-holders and it offers a host of dining and travel privileges. It also provides the benefit of free access to the golf courses.
  • Premium Credit Cards: These types of cards can be categorized into five types. They are:
  • Signature Credit Card:
This card helps the customers to earn reward points on all spends that are redeemable on various products and services based on the convenience of the card-holders.
  • Iconia Credit Card:
This card offers a range of travel, lifestyle and golf related benefits to the customers.
  • Platinum Credit Card:
This card provides a host of travel, lifestyle and golf privileges to the card-holders.
  • Platinum Select Credit Card:
This card caters to lifestyle related needs of the card-holders.
  • Platinum Aura Credit Card:
This card provides lifestyle benefits to the card-holders and also helps them to earn redeemable reward points.
Co-branded Credit Cards: IndusInd Bank has partnered with many other companies and launched a variety of other credit cards. They are:
  • WorldMiles Credit Cards
  • Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Odyssey Credit Card
  • Jet Airways IndusInd Bank Voyage Credit Card
  • Chelsea FC Credit Card
 ‚ÄčIndusInd Bank Credit Card Statement

After the completion of every billing cycle, a statement is generated by the bank for the card usage. This is called the Credit Card Statement and it is sent to the customer so that he can pay off the outstanding liabilities.

Types of IndusInd Bank Savings Accounts

Every type of saving account offered by the bank and opted by the customer earns an interest rate. The various types of savings account schemes are:

  • Indus Exclusive Savings Account
  • Indus Select Saving Account
  • Indus Maxima Savings Account
  • Indus Privilege Savings Account
  • Indus Privilege Active
  • Indus Diva Savings Account
  • Indus Senior Savings Account
  • Indus 3 in 1
  • Indus Young Silver
  • Indus Classic Savings Account
  • Indus Easy Savings Account
  • Indus Small Account

The interest rates on daily balances up-to Rs. 1 lac is 4% p.a. but for balances above 1 lac and up-to Rs. 10 lacs the rate is 5% p.a. For daily balances above 10 lacs the rate is 6% p.a.

IndusInd Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Even the range of fixed deposit schemes offered by the bank is eligible to earn a rate of interest depending on the period for which the deposits were maintained with the bank. The tenure specific rates are:

  • Short-term Fixed Deposit Rates:
The short-term fixed deposit rates are provided for deposits of less than 1 year tenure and it ranges from 3.5% to 7.95% p.a.
  • Medium and long-term fixed deposit rates:
The interest rate on medium and long term deposit ranges from 6.75% p.a. to 7.95% p.a. and the interest rate are compounded quarterly.
  • Fixed Deposit rates for senior citizens:

For senior citizens, the fixed deposit rate of interest increases by 0.50% than the regular FD rates provided to non-senior applicants.

IndusInd Bank Home Loans

IndusInd Bank provides the facility of availing home loans at attractive interest rates. The features of the loan include:

  • Facility of transfer of balances
  • Funding up-to 30 years of loan term
  • Easy documentation process
  • No hidden charges
  • Wide range of home loan products

IndusInd Bank NRI Banking

NRIs can open various types of banking accounts with the bank which are as follows:

  • NRE Regular Savings Account
  • NRO Regular Savings Account
  • RFC Account
  • NRE Fixed Deposits
  • NRO Fixed Deposits
  • FCNR Deposits
  • RFC Deposits
  • Rupee Multiplier

IndusInd Bank Internet Banking

IndusInd Bank offers its customers banking facility online houses Indus Net which can enable customers to:

  • Transfer of funds from own or any other IndusInd account
  • Payment of bills
  • View transaction and account history
  • View downloads and images of issued cheques
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