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Fixed Deposit

HSBC offers Fixed Deposit Accounts help to meet the money saving needs and also the need for wealth creation. The Fixed Deposit Accounts granted by HSBC offers customers savings as well as investment returns through attractive interest payments.

There are two types of Fixed Deposit schemes offered by the bank one of which is a traditional deposit account while the other is a flexible deposit scheme linked with Savings Account. Let us have a detailed look at the two:

HSBC Fixed Deposit Rates 2018

FD Tenure

Interest Rates

Regular Citizens Senior Citizens
7 Days 3.00 3.50
8 to 14 Days 3.00 3.50
15 to 29 Days 3.10 3.60
30 to 59 Days 3.25 3.75
60 to 89 Days 4.25 4.75
90 to 93 Days 5.00 5.50
94 Days 6.00 6.50
95 to 179 Days 5.00 5.50
180 Days 5.00 5.50
181 to 269 Days 5.00 5.50
270 to 364 Days 5.00 5.50
365 Days 5.00 5.50
366 to 399 Days 5.00 5.50
400 Days 6.00 6.50
401 Days to less than 18 months 5.00 5.50
18 months to 730 days 6.25 6.75
731 Days 5.00 5.50
732 Days to less than 36 months 5.00 5.50
36 months to less than 37 months 5.00 5.50
37 months to less than 48 months 5.00 5.50

Note: Above interest rates are offered on deposits ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 9,99,999 w.e.f. September 25, 2017. Rates are subject to change without prior information.

HSBC Bank Traditional Fixed Deposit

A traditional fixed deposit scheme from HSBC Bank comes with assured returns and value added benefits. The features and benefits of the scheme are as follows:

  • Minimum deposit required for opening the Fixed Deposit account is Rs.10, 000
  • The minimum deposit tenure is 7 days while the maximum tenure is 4 years
  • Optional deposit schemes between cumulative and non-cumulative deposit
  • Treatment of the maturity proceeds is done as per the accountholder’s instructions
  • Premature withdrawals are allowed at a penal interest @1%
  • Senior citizens get 0.50% higher rate of interest than that applicable for normal individuals

HSBC Bank Smart Money Account

It is dual benefit account which is a combination of savings and fixed deposit account offering flexibility in operations and higher interest. The features of the account are as follows:

  • Minimum deposit of Rs.25, 000 is required
  • Tenure of the deposit is flexible
  • Overdraft facility of up to 90% of the account balance is available
  • A personalized cheque book is provided
  • Facility of phone banking, internet banking, ATM access to be able to have a 24*7 banking transaction facility
  • A free HSBC Credit Card is given to the accountholder
  • A free International Debit Card is also given to the accountholder for cashless transactions
  • Nomination facility is available under the account


 The applicant must meet the following eligibility criteria to open a Smart Money Account:

  • He or she should be a Resident Indian residing permanently in India
  • The minimum age of the applicant must be 18 years and above
  • A minimum amount of Rs.25, 000 is required to open a deposit account

Documents Required for HSBC FD Rates

The following documents are required to open a Smart Money Account:

  • Identity Proof: Passport, Election or Voter’s ID card, permanent Driving License, Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card or Adhaar Card, NREGA Job Card
  • Residence Proof: Passport, Election or Voter’s ID Card, permanent Driving License, Ration Card, society outgoing bill only from registered societies, Utility Bills like Electricity/Water/Telephone Bill, Gas Bill for pipeline connection only, Property Tax Bill or Domicile Certificate with address issued by Municipal Corporation, Adhaar Card, Government Employee ID Card, Defence ID Card, NREGA Job Card
  • Passport sized photographs of the accountholder