Lucknow City

It is the capital city of the state of Uttar Pradesh. After Delhi, it is the second largest city in north India. It is one of the most important centers of government, education, commerce, aerospace, finance, pharmaceuticals, design, culture, tourism, music, poetry and technology. Lucknow city is situated on the on the northwestern shores of the Gomti river. The Gomti river divides the city in to Trans-Gomti and Cis-Gomti regions.

Home loan

Home loan is the easiest way to make your dream of having a house of your own come true. This secured loan can be opted when buying a house, commercial property or for home renovation. It offers you lump sum amount against 80% of the property value. The interest rate could be fixed, i.e. same throughout the loan tenure or flexible, i.e. varies according to the market.

Home Loan Eligibility

Home loan in Lucknow is sanctioned against 70% to 80% of the loan amount. For approval of home loan you need to qualify the below stated eligibility criteria.

  • Borrower should be 21years to 65 years old
  • Should have minimum required education qualification
  • Should have required monthly income and job stability
  • Credit score that ranges between 300 to 900
  • Liabilities of other ongoing loan, such as educational loan, personal loan, etc.
  • Co-applicant’s income and credit score, if any
  • Assets details

Home Loan Documentation

  • Filled and signed application form with photograph
  • Processing fee by cheque or draft



Home Loan Features

  • Swift and simple processing
  • Flexible interest rate- Choose from fixed and floating rate where in the former the rate remains constant throughout the loan tenure and in the latter the interest rate depends on the market. Many lenders allow you to convert your fixed interest rate to floating.
  • Home loan insurance- It protects your home loan and helps your family to repay the remaining loan amount in case of any unfortunate event.
  • Pre-approved home loan – You can get your home loan pre-approved before buying the property. It saves you from losing the house of your choice as your home loan is already approved.
  •  Home loan balance transfer – you can transfer your current home loan from one lender to the other in search of better interest rates.



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