Chennai City

Chennai, also known as Madras is the capital city of Tamil Nadu, visiting which would leave your nothing less than satiated. Its diverse artistic and religious traditions will sneak their way into your heart.

Of late, Chennai has seen a diverging layer of luxury hotels, swanky boutiques, ritzy restaurants and bars which provide its visitors the window to the plush ambiance even during the night hours. And during the day, there are several museums, temples and beaches that you can explore.  Besides that, Chennai has an economic base secured by automobile, software services, medical tourism, hardware manufacturing and financial services; and other industries that are a part of its array are petrochemicals, textiles and apparels.

What constitutes the historic focus of the city is the old British Fort St George, the narrow streets and bazaars of the George Town. To sum it up, Chennai has a lot of places to relish the best eats and drinks, have a great shopping experience and get the best accommodation, apart from temples, beaches and centres of historical and cultural importance.

Travel back in time, have an enchanting experience on the land of Chennai where visitors get to go on a temple tour to Mamallapuram, Chidambaram, Kanchipuram, Thanjavur, Tiruchirapalli and Rameshwaram.

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