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What is Home Loan?

It is the loan that can be availed by you, if you are looking to construct, buy or renovate your house. It is a secured loan as the property will be mortgaged with the lender till you repay the loan. As the value of loan is generally very high, the tenure of the loan is high and goes up to 30 years. The tenure of the loan and the amount of loan will decide your equated monthly installments (EMIs). The longer the tenure, lower will be your monthly installments and shorter the tenure, higher will be your EMIs.

Use Paisabazaar’ Home Loan EMI calculator to calculate your Home Loan EMIs.

Home loan not only helps you buy your dream home but also provides you tax benefits on both the principal as well as interest repayments. 

How to apply for home loan?

You can surely visit a bank’s branch to apply for home loan but then first you will have to visit at least 5 banks to compare the options that they are providing but on Paisabazaar, all the information is readily available to you.

Steps for applying for home loan on Paisabazaar.com

  1. Go to paisabazaar.com.
  2. Go to the loan tab and click on Home loan. You need to define the purpose for which you want to avail the home loan— transfer your existing home loan, new loan for a property identified to be purchased and new for a property which is yet to be identified.  To give results that suit you better, you will also be asked to tell whether it’s a flat, under-construction or ready to move-in or a home that is under-construction or ready-to-move-in or if it is a plot.

Further you need to provide information about the city in which the property is located, amount of loan, and the duration of loan, your employment details and personal details such as name, gross monthly salary, contact details, if you any existing loan or equated monthly installments you are paying. Click on Submit.


  1.  After you submit the information, an sms will be sent on your mobile with verification to verify the mobile number. After you verify, you can explore the plethora of options.
  2. In the next step, you can compare the offers from different lenders on the basis of their interest rates, equated monthly installments, processing charges, ratings etc to choose the option that best suits you.
  3. Choose online the option that suits you most.

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