Ahmedabad City

Ahmedabad is the largest city and former capital of Gujarat. Located on the banks of the Sabarmati River, this city has evolved as a significant economic and industrial hub in India. Also, it is the second largest producer of cotton in India and the largest supplier of denim. Moreover, Ahmedabad is one of the main exporters of gemstones and jewellery in India.

In a survey conducted by NASSCOM, Ahmedabad ranks fifth in the Super Nine Indian Destinations for IT-enabled services. It is the educational and industrial institutions in the city that have attracted students and young skilled workers from across the country.

Ahmedabad houses magnificent structures built in Islamic fashion, mosques and manshions with carvings are the sight which cannot be missed. Some of the most visited gardens in the city are Law Garden, Victoria Garden and Bal Vatika. This city comes across an unmatched combination of the old and new. Those visiting Ahmedabad can spend the days exploring the monuments of the Mughal era and spend evenings relishing the delectable Gujarati food. 

Home loan

A home loan is a secured loan that helps you purchase your dream home without being dependent on others for money. It offers a large sum of money required to purchase a personal or commercial property at a lower rate. The amount is repaid to the bank in the form of equated monthly installments (EMIs). Home loan in Pune offers various other features such as home loan insurance, pre-approval of home loan etc. The longer tenure of home loan helps in the repayment of the loan amount at a lower EMI.


A loan of 70% to 85% is sanctioned under home loan in Ahemdabad. Rest 20 or 25% is to be paid by the borrower. Below are the factors determining the borrower’s eligibility for the loan and approved amount.

  • Age of salaried and self-employed individual (21–65 years)
  • Educational qualifications for self-employed individual
  • Job stability and income bracket
  • Credit score and loan repayment capacity
  • Co-applicant’s—spouse or parents— income proof, if any
  • Liability of other loans, such as personal loan, credit card etc.
  • Assets such as property, jewellery etc.


  • Filled and signed application form with photograph
  • Processing fee cheque or draft



  • Flexible interest rate, where you can select from fixed and floating rate. Home loan in Pune allows you to convert your fixed loan to floating after a predefined time.
  • Home loan balance transfer allows you to transfer your ongoing home loan to a bank with lower EMI and interest rate.
  • Home loan insurance – It protects your home loan and helps your family in paying off the remaining home loan in case of any unfortunate event.
  • Pre-approved home loan for quick purchase of home with minimum documentation and easy approval. You will not lose your dream home because of any deal in the home loan application process.
  • Quick and transparent processing.


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