Fullerton India

Fullerton India

Fullerton India Credit Company Limited is a financial services subsidiary company of Fullerton Financial Holdings Pte. Limited that initiated operations in January 2007. It is a type of wealth management and distribution as well as equity Broking Company with its headquarters in Orchid Centre, 2nd Floor, Golf Course Road, Sector 54, and Gurgaon. It offers small and medium companies with a working capital as well as loans that help them to grow and expand their enterprise. The offered services include private equity, wealth management, financial planning and portfolio management services. It has more than 445 bank branches and serving more than a million customers. This company employs more than 7500 employees and as a result provides financial solutions to a large group of people at their doorstep.


Fullerton India offers its customers a wide range of different types of loans and services that cater to almost all the needs and requirements of the consumer right from houses to automobiles. The different types of loans and services offered by Fullerton India are as follows:

  • SME Loans: These loans can be used in basically two programs namely Long-term Loans and Business Instalment Loans and provides loan of about 80% of the value of the property. This loan provides easy repayment options and long loan repayment tenure of up to 15 years.
  • Business Loans: This type of loan is provided to self-employed businessmen those are involved in manufacturing and trading services. It requires very less paperwork to be done so the approval and processing the loans takes less time. It also offers easy EMI options and insurance cover for the loan.
  • Personal Loans: This type of loan is based on the need and requirement of the consumer. Continuous supply of loans is possible depending on the needs. No collateral is needed in this type of loan and the documentation process is also very easy.
  • Loans against Property: These are tailor-made loans that cater to the different needs of the consumers. It offers higher loan amount at a very competitive rate of interest. It also provides Balance Transfer Facility and Additional Finance options. Through this loan, the debts of the customers can be consolidated and ultimately the instalments can be lowered. The maximum tenure of this loan scheme is 15 years and 65 years or the borrowers age.
  • Home Loans: These loans are very easy to get as it requires a simple documentation process. The home loans are very easily and swiftly approved and it offers balance transfer and additional finance facilities as well.
  • Two-wheeler Loans: Fullerton Bank with the scheme of Fullerton India Gramshakti provides special financial options for both men and women in order to buy a new two-wheeler vehicle. This loan provides finance as big as Rs. 60,000.
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans: This loan provides finance for both new as well as old vehicle with comparatively less need of documents. It offers various repayment options at a very competitive rate of interest.

Rural Financial Services

This scheme offers a wide variety of services to the rural consumers namely:
  • Rural Housing Finance
  • Loans Against Property
  • Livelihood Advancement Loans for Women’s Group
  • Growing Enterprise Loans
  • Two-wheeler Loans
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans
  • Life Insurance
  • Rural Housing Services:
This service offers a wide range of loans that cater to the housing needs of the rural customers. These offered loans are:
  • Purchase Of Ready Property
  • Self-construction of home
  • Home extensions for productive commercial purposes Home Renovations.

Insurance Services

A host of different insurance related needs and requirements are taken care of by Fullerton India. These Services are basically of 3 types namely Retail Life Insurance, Retail General Insurance and Retail Group Insurance.

Value Added Services

Fullerton India offers a host of value added services to the customers that satisfy their needs in a lot of ways. The different types of Value added services are as follows:
  • IHO:
Fullerton India in partnership with Indian Health Organisation (IHO) provides a variety of health care benefits to all its customers. The different features of IHO are that it provides dental benefits, medical benefits, radiology benefits and pathology benefits.
  • IMPS:
Fullerton India offers its customers yet another special facility known as IMPS or Immediate Mobile Payment Service. Through this service instant money can be transferred through the mobile phones of the customers. The amount can be transferred from the bank account of the customers to Fullerton India trouble-free. This mobile fund transfer facility is available to the customers 24/7 and 365 days a year including Sundays and also public holidays thus making the mobile payment service is very convenient to use.
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