Education Loan in Pune

Basic information about education loans

Planning to continue higher studies? But you do not have enough money to complete your course? An Education loan scheme is the best financial solution when you are looking for a financial support to pursue your education. There are several banks that offer these loan schemes, you should do a detailed analysis before availing a loan. You can visit our website and use our free tools- Education Loan EMI Calculator and Education Loan Eligibility Calculator to know about your education loan eligibility.

Reasons to apply for education loan

There are various banks that offer education loan in India. Choose a Pune education loan if you are willing to continue your studies and is looking for a financial support. Below are some of the advantages of an education loan scheme:

  • Financially Independent: A loan makes you financially independent; this ensures you finish your education without any financial trouble. The bank pays for your education completely which includes tuition fees, hostel fees, library fees etc.
  • Tax Savings: With an education loan scheme, you enjoy tax saving benefits under section 80E of Income Tax Act 1961.

Further education loan information that you need to know

There are various good banks that provide education loans in India. An education loan applicant needs to do a detailed research on the Interest rates for education loan in Pune. The interest rates for the loans vary based on various conditions like loan amount, college, loan tenure etc.

Education loan Interest Rates that you can get in Pune

The government of India supports the students and that’s why the Interest Rate for education loan in Pune starts from 9.15% onwards:

Some good education loans in Pune are offered by next banks:

  • HDFC Bank: Interest Rate starts 9.50%
  • Punjab and Sind Bank: 10.25% onwards
  • Kotak Bank: Starts from 10.25%

Banks in Pune that can provide you with good education loan schemes


Every bank in Pune provides education loan schemes which can be customized as per your needs. Below are some banks that provide loans schemes with their interest rates and charges:

1. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur:

  • Maximum loan Rs 20 lakhs (TnCs Apply)
  • Interest Rate starts from 11.55%
  • No processing fee

2. State Bank of Hyderabad:

  • Interest Rate is 11.50% onwards
  • Maximum loan amount is 20 lakhs (TnCs Apply)
  • Margin on loans is 5%

3. Canara Bank:

  • Maximum loan amount is 20 lakhs (TnCs Apply)
  • Margin on loan is 5%

4. Allahabad Bank:

  • Interest Rate starts from 12.7%
  • Maximum loan tenure is 15 years
  • Loan margin is 5%

** The above interest rates and charges vary based on the few conditions like loan amount, educational institution, loan tenure etc.


You can simply visit our website and log in to our Education Loan page. The process of application is simple and takes less than a minute, you just need to provide the following details:

  • Personal details
  • Education details
  • Income details (if any)

The website will show you a list of education loan schemes in Pune, you just need to select the best one and click ‘Apply’.

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