Dewan Housing Finance Limited or more fondly known as DHFL is a type of public company and one of India’s main housing finance company. It was founded on 11 April 1984 and is head1quartered in Mumbai, India. It has its presence in mainly three countries namely India, UK and UAE. This bank offers financial services and BFSI to all the customers. The network of this bank is spread over almost 500 branches and about 1122 operating ATMs.

DHFL Loans

DHFL is one of the leading housing finance company providing 30 years of lending experience that caters to all the loans of the customers related to homes. They provide a host of different and effective home loan schemes that benefit the consumers in a lot of ways. They operate in more than 550 locations and the process of loan is safe and swift. The different types of loans are as follows:

  • Home Loans- This loan is offered in order to buy a new house.
  • Home Improvement Loans- This type of loan is provided for repair and renovations of the existing house.
  • Home Construction Loans- This is the loan that is offered for the construction of a new house.
  • Home Extension Loans- This loan is offered for the expansion of the existing house like for example adding a new room to the existing house.
  • Home Loans for self-employed- It is a custom made loan provided to both self-employed professionals as well as non-professionals like doctors, engineers etc.
  • Plot Loan/Land Loan- This type of loan is provided for buying non-agricultural plot of land across India.
  • Home Loan Balance Transfer- In this loan, the facility to move the Home Loans from other banks or housing Finance companies are made possible.
  • Plot and Construction Composite Loan- This loan is given for buying of land for both construction of a new house or for investment purposes.


The following are the various benefits offered by the different home loans:

  • Home loans are provided for both ready house and under-construction houses.
  • Loan tenure of 30 years are provided thus reducing the EMI rates
  • The customers can get maximum benefits of tax under Home Loans schemes.
  • The interest rates are fluctuating.
  • Process of documentation is very easy as the customer gets the full details at the inquiry time.
  • Easy repayment options are also available.


DHFL offers a variety of home loan schemes for people residing in foreign countries. They are called Non-Resident Indians (NRI). The different types of NRI home loan schemes are follows:

  • NRI Home Loans
  • Home Loans for NRI in Middle East
  • Home Loans for NRIs in UK.
  • Home Loans for NRIs in USA.
  • Home Loans for NRIs in Overseas Locations.


The following are the benefits of home loans offered to NRIs:

  • Convenience of direct contact from the customer base with international representative offices.
  • Funds are provided for a maximum of 80% of the property cost.
  • Maximum loan lending tenure of 20 years.
  • Direct contact with the customers throughout the process.
  • Easy and flexible loan repayment options via electronic clearing facility from NR accounts.
  • Best and competitive interest rates.

DHFL Deposits

DHFL is one of the leading housing companies offering various financial services to its customers at competitive rate of interest. These services include a host of deposit schemes that help the customers with their deposit funds. The various deposit schemes are as follows:

  • Fixed Deposit
  • Ashray Deposit Plus- Individuals
  • Ashray Deposit Plus- Trusts and Institutions.
  • Swayamsidha Deposit for Women.
  • Recurring Deposit- Small Savings Scheme
  • Ashray Deposit plus- Double My Money.
  • Wealth2Health Fixed Deposits.

The rate of Interest on each of the scheme is 9.25% p.a. for a period range of 12 months to 120 months with a monthly mandatory minimum deposit of Rs. 500.

Interest Rates on DHFL Fixed Deposits

All the various fixed deposit schemes offered by DHFL get affected by fluctuating market conditions hence the rate of interest keeps on changing. The various types of FD rates depending on the tenure are as follows:

  • Medium-term Fixed Deposit Rates- The fixed deposit rate of interest for medium term ranging from 1 years to 5 years ranges from 9.5% p.a. to 9.75% p.a.
  • Long-term Fixed Deposit Rates- For long terms like 6 years to 10 years, the interest rates on fixed deposits remains constant and standard at 9.6% p.a. across all fixed deposits.
  • Fixed deposit rates for senior citizens- For short-term deposits, the senior citizens earn an interest rate of 9.9% p.a. whereas for deposits made for 2 years and 3 years, the rate is 10.15% p.a. For fixed deposits between 4 years and 10 years, the rate of interest remains constant and fixed at 10% p.a.

DHFL Internet Banking

DHFL offers its customers a facility to have access to the various home loans online at the comfort of their houses. For that they have also launched a plan namely My DHFL with the help of which, the various records and home loan statements can be viewed online. The various benefits of DHFL online banking are as follows:

  • View account statement and records.
  • View full details of the rate of interest.
  • View full details of ECS.
  • Statement of Account can be downloaded.
  • Repayment Schedule can be viewed.
  • IT Certificates can be seen
  • Username and Password can be changed.
  • Details of the disbursement can be easily viewed.
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