Credila is an HDFC Ltd company. Credila is India’s first ever education loan providing company. The Company provides loan to the person who wants to pursue a higher education abroad or within India. Credila has done a rigorous market research of the education industry to build its database for the requirements and resources and processes required for providing proper loans to the students. It has a proper setup designed to provide the maximum benefits to the student. The company works close to the students and parents to provide proper loans to them. Credila has a loan packages prepared according to the needs of the students. It provides convenient services which are faster and simpler.

Issues faced while applying for an education loan:

  • There is no flexibility in education loans provided by the banks
  • Total amount of fees is not covered by the banks. The margin money needs to be paid by the students
  • The students face problem if value of the security given does not match the amount of loan required
  • The challenge of proving the credibility of the chosen University or college
  • Acquiring of loan approval letter to apply for the Visa
  • Overseas repayment facility of the loan
  • Non-availability of online repayment facility of the loan

The students who are planning education abroad have to make a vast research and planning to make a proper choice of the courses and Universities. Too much time is devoted in making a proper choice and have to go through the pile and pile of paper work. But, Credila has made it easy for them. It has tied up with lots of Universities and colleges abroad and also within India and has compiled a database of their advice and has made the task easier for the students. The students can make a critical decision and plan their future. Credila has now become the most trustworthy name in the field of education loan. Credila has become a brand serving the purpose of education loan “Transforming Lives and Building the Nation”


Credila has funded the higher education of the students both in India and abroad. Unlike banks the students can get their loans pre-approved that are even before getting the admission confirmed with any University. The pre-approval of the loan enables the students to choose their dream field and the Universities and colleges they wished to study.


Credila has funded thousands and thousands of students from India to get admissions in 4100 plus Universities over 35 countries.

Credila compared to the banks offers the following benefits

  • It provides upto 100% of finance
  • It provides the personal service to its customers
  • Loan amount can exceed Rs 20 Lakhs
  • The loan repayment tenure is 10 years with EMI facility
  • The collateral security provided may not be 100% of the loan amount
  • Co-borrower facility is available
  • The loan can be obtained against the mortgaged property with the HDFC bank
  • The loans get sanctioned before admissions in University
  • Attractive interest on loans is available
  • Tax benefits are available under section 80E
  • The quick and hassle free loans are available

 Credila provides education loans to Indians who are planning higher education in India, USA or abroad.

The loans are disbursed only in Indian currency for the students no matter whichever country he has applied for. The repayment can also be repaid only in Indian currency.

Loans provided by the company not only cover the cost of education but also the cost of living.

Eligibility for Credila Education Loan is

  • Borrower must be an Indian citizen
  • Co-applicants also have to be an Indian citizen
  • Confirmation of admission in the University before the disbursement of loan
  • Co-applicant has to furnish the documentary details of the relationship with the borrower

Credila provides educational loans to the students to study in the following countries

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • France
  • Singapore
  • Dubai (UAE)
  • United kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Netherland
  • USA
  • Australia

The documents required for acquiring the loan from Credila are

  1. Fully completed application form
  2. Photos of the applicant
  3. Photo identity proof
  4. Residential proof
  5. Academic documents like the mark sheet of class 12th exam. Certificates of further education like, etc
  6. Marksheet of any entrance exams appeared for
  7. Document proof any scholarship received
  8. Bank statement for last 8 months of the co-applicant
  9. Printed admission letter of the University in which admission is sought
  10. Income proof of the Co-applicant like salary certificate is required
  11. Proper documents of the collateral security need to be provided

The loan disbursement process is as follows

  1. The originating fees are needed to be paid before collecting the original Educational loan sanction letter. The cheque should be paid from the same account from which the ECS will be provided.
  2. The date for the disbursement of the loan should be decided on the basis of the Visa date or the last payment date of the tuition fees to be paid.
  3. The mode of disbursement of the loan has to be decided i.e. through bank transfers or through demand drafts, all the information about the bank details are available on the admission package of the University.
  4. The final loan documents are prepared by the Credila and the loan documents will be signed duly by the student, the borrower, the guarantor and the co-applicants. If the co-applicants are located in different cities they have to arrange to send the documents signed through courier to get the money on time.
  5. The ECS forms from Credila need to be signed and stamped from the respective bank.
  6. The KYC documents along with the ECS forms and 8 signed cheques has to be given to the Credila.
  7. Finally the Credila will transfer the amount to the account of the University
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