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Credit Card

Corporation Bank International Credit Cards are exclusively crafted keeping in mind the ease of use and numerous and privileges one wish to avail. Corporation Bank credit cards are the result of bank’s incessant attempt to not only offer the best in class services but also to provide outstanding benefits to take care of the cardholder’s daily  needs. In alliance with VISA Inc, the Corporation credit card holders can enjoy the extensive reach of a global network; privileges and payback for every rupee spent using the credit card from Corporation Bank.

The Corporation Bank Credit Cards are available to the existing customers who maintain relationships with the Corporation Bank. One may apply for the credit cards at their home branch where they maintain their bank accounts. The application can also be downloaded from the website and the applicant can submit the form with requisite documents to the branch to avail the benefits of the credit card.

Corporation Bank offers one card in its credit card category which is called the Corp Bank International Credit Card. The card comes loaded with multiple great features which makes the card an all-inclusive card for the customers of the bank. The features of the card are enlisted below for a quick reference:

Corp Bank International Credit Card Features:

  • The card is offered in affiliation with VISA and is accepted internationally and nationally.
  • The card comes in four variants of Gold , Platinum , Signature and Classic
  • The erstwhile classic credit cards are now being migrated to the gold credit card
  • The rate of interest on the Gold Card is 2.25% per month making an annual rate of 27% while on the Classic Card, the rate is 2.50% per month totaling an annual rate of 30%. For the platinum credit card the interest rates are applicable @ 2.75%p.m. which is 33% p.a and for Signature credit cards the interest rate are charged @ 3.00%p.m. which makes 36% per annum.
  • The card is issued as a personalized card with the cardholder’s photograph and signature imprinted there on.
  • Additional add-on cards can be availed for family members including parents, spouse, siblings and children who are aged 18 years and above. A maximum of 3 add-on cards can be availed.
  • Cardholders are extended a free credit period of 45 days (Classic Card) or 50 days (Gold Card).
  • The cardholder has flexible payment methods. He can pay the entire outstanding on the card or pay the minimum due amount and avail of the revolving credit facility to continue the outstanding to the next billing cycle.
  • The card provides the facility of increasing the credit limit temporarily to up to 30% of the original limit.
  • Transactions above Rs.2500 made through the card can be paid through EMIs in 6, 12 or 24 months at an interest rate of 12% per annum
  • Cardholders can access the facility of VISA bill pay services
  • Rewards points are allotted on every card spend. Classic cardholders get 1 point for every Rs.200 spent while Gold cardholders get 1 point for every Rs.150 spent on the card.
  • If a minimum of 500 reward points are accumulated, it can be redeemed in cash as one point equal one rupee.
  •  The card offered by the bank are free for their lifetime and do not attract any joining fee or annual fee
  • A Personal Accident Insurance Cover, Purchase Protection cover and Credit Shield facility is extended to cardholders for one year when they initially swipe their card.
  • The Personal Accident Insurance cover depends on the type of card issued. For Classic Cards it is Rs.2.5 lakhs, for Gold it is Rs.2.5 lakhs, for Platinum cards it is Rs.5 lakhs while Signature Cardholders get Rs.50 lakhs coverage  for air accident and Rs.10 lakhs for other accidents
  • Any article purchased using the card with a minimum value of Rs.1000 and a maximum value of Rs.50, 000 would be given as free coverage against accidental damage, fire or theft for 60 days from the date of purchase. This facility is extended under the Purchase Protection benefit in the card.
  • If the cardholder dies accidentally or loses employment due to accidental total and permanent disability, his liability would be covered up to a maximum of Rs.50,000.


  • The applicant applying for the card should be an Indian citizen
  • He should not be illiterate or a minor
  • He or she should have a Permanent Account Number
  • Should have an existing relationship with the bank by holding any type of bank account and operating the same account for at least the last 3 months
  • There is a minimum income criteria which should be met by any individual applying for the bank’s card. For salaried individuals, the income would be considered as the gross salary income less the applicable deductions like the Provident Fund, Professional tax, Income Tax, etc. For self-employed individuals and professionals, the income would be considered as per the tax returns less any tax liability.
  • In absolute terms, the minimum net income of salaried individuals and professionals should be higher than Rs.1.2 lakhs for the Classic Card and Rs.2 lakhs for the Gold Card. For self-employed individuals, the income should be higher than Rs.1.5 lakhs for Classic Card and Rs.3 lakhs for Gold Card. Senior citizens are given some relief with a requirement of Rs.90, 000 for Classic Card and Rs.1.5 lakhs for Gold Card.

Documents Required

  • Address proof
  • PAN Card copy
  • A copy of Aadhar Card
  • Proof of Income which includes any one from the latest Salary Slip, Salary Certificate, Income Tax Returns or Form 16
  • Latest Income tax Returns are required for self-employed individuals and professionals
  • A passport or a stamp size photograph

Other Features of Corporation Bank credit card

  1. Corporation bank credit card insurance scheme.

Corporation Bank credit card offers the card holder a free insurance cover and other benefits without any extra charge for a one year period. The special features of this scheme include the following:

  • The Corp Credit card holder are entitled for a Personal Accident Insurance Coverage for  loss of life and other benefits such as purchase protection , accidental cover &  other insurance benefits.

Credit Card Variants

Personal accidental Insurance cover

Corp Classic Credit card

Up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Corp Gold Credit card

Up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs

Corp Platinum Credit card

Up to Rs. 5 lakh

Corp Signature Credit card

Up to Rs. 50 lakh for Air Accident

Upto Rs. 10. For other accidents


Other insurance benefits for Corp Credit card holders include

  • A Purchase Protection on the Corp credit card for maximum amount up to Rs.50,000.
  • Purchase of any consumer durable goods amounting to Rs.1000 or more using the Corporation bank Credit Card is duly covered against any accidental damage or the loss due to theft or fire.
  • The purchase protection cover is valid for 60 days only from the purchase date and subject to invoice being in favor of the person insured or the card holder to the maximum cover value of Rs.50,000.

Credit Shield Facility: In the unfortunate event of accidental death or loss of employment arising out of permanent total disability following an accident, insurance cover would be available and cardholder’s liability will be treated as repaid up to a maximum balance of Rs.50,000.

  • In order to avail the insurance benefits of the Personal Accident Insurance, the Corporation bank credit card holders have to active their credit card and there should be at least one POS/Online transaction using the credit card.
  • Any inactive credit card would not be entitled for insurance cover.
  • The insurance cover date shall commence on the 1st day of the succeeding month in which the first transaction has been done. The Insurance cover is available for one year and the cardholder must transact using the card at least once for any POS or Online transaction to for renewal the insurance benefits.
  1. Security

Corporation bank credit cards are EMV based Chip Cards. This allows the highest level of security on the credit cards:

  • The integrated electronic chip in the credit card ensures protection from counterfeiting and skimming card frauds.  The chip based credit card uses highest level of Encryption algorithms to authenticate the usage of card, and hence more difficult for any counterfeit or fraud.
  • Apart from this all the Corporation bank credit card are embossed with the cardholder photograph and thus provides second level of authentication for the merchants while any POS transactions.
  1. EMI Payment Option:
  • Corporation Bank credit card holders can convert the payment of their single retail Transaction done using the Corporation credit card into Monthly Installments of 6 months, 12 months or 24 months. The transaction should be of minimum Rs.2500/- or more to qualify for this facility
  • The Interest would be charged as per annual interest rates to the reducing monthly balance. The maximum permissible amount to be converted in EMI is 50% of the net available Credit Card Limit
  • The part conversion of such purchases is not allowed.
  • The EMI commences from the next bill date and shall reflect in the credit card statement.
  • The credit card holders who wants to opt for the EMI payment option, have to send an e-mail or fax to the Corporation bank Credit Card Division within 1 week of purchase date or the billing date whichever is earlier .
  • For the conversion into EMI payment option a processing fee as well as pre closure charges are applicable

The rate of interest applicable would be as

EMI tenure

Applicable Rate of Interest

6 Months

16% P.A

12 Months

18% P.A.

24 Months

18% P.A.

  1. Reward Points
  • Corporation Bank offers a wide range of reward point schemes to all its credit card holders
  • These rewards points can be earned for all purchases done through the Corp Credit Card at merchant establishments.
  • The Reward points are calculated for each transaction separately.
  • Any transaction as cash withdrawal and balance transfer is not entitled for earning Reward
  • Points.
  • The Credit cardholder can redeem their reward Points @ Rs. 1 for each reward point subject to earning minimum 500 reward points for Gold & Classic credit cards and at least 750 for Platinum & 1000 points for Signature credit Cards.

Types of Credit Card

Amount Spend for 1 reward Point

Classic Credit card

RS. 200

Gold  Credit card

Rs. 150

Platinum Credit card

Rs. 125

Signature Credit card

Rs. 125

  1. Corporation bank Credit Card Payment Options

Corporation bank offers multiple payment option for its credit card holders.

  • Cash Deposit at Corporation bank Branches – The card holder can visit any of the nearest corporation bank branch and deposit against their credit card account held with the bank
  • Payment Through Cheque / DD – The cardholder can issue a cheque or demand draft  in favor of corporation credit card number and deposit the same  either at the branches or have them dropped into credit card payment drop boxes.
  • Standing Instruction or Auto Debit from Corporation bank savings/current account. The cardholders can furnish instructions to debit their savings/current account towards the payment for their credit card every month on the due date. In case the payment due date is a banking holiday or Non- working day, the amount would be automatically deducted on the very next working day. You can opt to pay either the Total Amount Due or the Minimum Amount Due.
  • By VISA Money Transfer- Visa Money Transfer is a payment gateway offered by VISA to pay the Credit Card due directly into CC account.
  • Corp-Net: Corporation Bank account holders who have access to internet banking can make the payments directly through internet banking under the Funds Transfer Option.
  • Using Other Bank’s Internet banking: The credit cardholders can initiate payment for their credit card outstanding through the internet banking option of other banks. This can be done through the link available on the Corporation Bank website under the bar menu “Pay online”.

f. Customer services

The corporation bank credit card holder can get their queries and complaints relating to their credit cards resolved by calling the customer care of Corporation Bank via phone or posting a request online at the designated portal. Email is another convenient way for credit card holders to get in touch with the customer care representatives.