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1. Basic information about car loans

Money is a major factor  that needs to be addressed when you want to buy a new car. Banks aid you in solving this issue by extending a car loan and simplifying your finances. A car loan is a secured loan that can help you buy the car of your dreams. However, this also means you might lose your car if you fail to pay your EMIs on time.

Different banks provide different Interest Rates for a car loan in Ghaziabad. Therefore, before applying or submitting documents for a car loan application you should do a detailed research online. You can simply visit our website to use free tools – Car loan interest calculator and Car loan eligibility calculator to do your research.

2. You should apply for this loan, and these are the reasons

With a car loan in Ghaziabad, you can buy any car that best fits your needs without making any compromises.

Buying a car is not a cake walk, as it requires a lot of financial planning and investment. A Ghaziabad car loan can help you to buy your car more easily without giving any second thought about your finances. If you buy your car with the help of a good car loan scheme, then this would help you manage your finances better. A car loan from a good bank in Ghaziabad, allows you to pay for it through monthly EMI repayment modes.

3. Additional information about car loans

The basic factor that we consider before availing a loan is its interest rates. A car loan interest rate is directly related to the loan tenure and your credit history. With longer loan tenure and a higher credit score your rate of interest shall be lower. The bank always appreciates borrowers who have a clean credit history and the ones who opt for longer loan tenure. Hence, while applying for a car loan in Ghaziabad, you should check your financial condition and do an analysis in the light of repayments with the applicable interest rates.

4. Interest Rates for Ghaziabad car loans

Usual Interest Rate for a car loan in Ghaziabad starts from 9.35%

Some good Ghaziabad banks that offer car loan schemes are:

  • HDFC Bank: Interest Rate starts from 9.50%
  • Capital First: Interest Rate starts from 13%
  • Oriental Bank of Commerce: Interest Rate starts from 9.95%
  • IDBI Bank: Floating Interest Rate is 9.95%

You can avail car loans from various banks in Ghaziabad, take a look at some of them:

1. State Bank of Hyderabad:

  • Floating Interest Rate is 9.95%
  • No guarantor required for the application
  • There are no pre-closure fees

2. State Bank of Patiala:

  • Interest Rate varies between 9.95% and 10.45%
  • Maximum loan tenure is 7 years
  • Processing fees are 0.51% of the loan

3. Union Bank of India:

  • Floating Interest Rate of 9.90%
  • No pre-closure and no processing fees
  • Tenure duration can go up to seven years

To apply for car loans by sitting in Ghaziabad, you can visit our website at and submit your details. The website takes less than 1 minute to help you apply for loans. After you are done with letting us know about your requirements, you can choose one of the best suitable loan schemes. Simply click ‘Apply’ and relax.

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