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1. How to define a car loan?

Looking for car loans to buy your brand new car in Dehradun? We will provide you a brief overview of the Dehradun banks that are offering car loan. Buying a car is no more a big financial planning, although you should always have a controlled spending habit and save your disposable cash for future interests. With a Dehradun car loan, you can buy a new car without paying in a lump sum. A car loan has a monthly repayment mode, where you just have to pay in small cheques to the bank you take a loan from. To avail this loan you just have to visit the Paisabazaar website and complete the online car loan documentation.


2. What can a car loan provide you?

A Dehradun car loan helps you to buy a new car by paying the whole car amount on your behalf to the car seller. With a Dehradun car loan do not have to pay the bank at once as you only need to pay in monthly EMIs.

There are various car loans in Dehradun that can help you with good loan offers. You just need to do a detailed research and find the right one for yourself.


3. What should you know about Dehradun car loan schemes?

A Dehradun car loan scheme has repayment deadlines since almost every car loan has a monthly repayment mode. If you fail to pay your monthly EMIs on time, then the bank has the rights to seize your car anytime after sending you a couple of payment requests. Therefore before applying for a car loan in Dehradun you should do a detailed cost and budget analysis of your financial condition.

4. Banks in Dehradun and their Interest Rate offers

Interest Rates for a car loan in Dehradun starts from 9.65%

Here are some examples of Interest Rates that banks offer for car loan schemes:

  • Axis Bank: Interest rates start from 9.5%
  • IDBI Bank: Interest Rate is 9.95%
  • Canara Bank: Interest Rate starts from 9.80%
  • Indian Bank: Interest Rate is 9.95%

5. The best car loan offers in Dehradun

You can find car loans in Dehradun banks:

1. Oriental Bank of Commerce:

  • The Interest Rate is 9.70% + 0.50%
  • A guarantor is needed
  • There are no pre-closure fees

2. State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur:

  • Interest Rate on car loan is 10.20%
  • Maximum loan tenure is 7 years
  • Processing fees amount only Rs 500
  • You don’t need a guarantor to apply.

3. Union Bank of India:

  • Floating Interest rates of 9.90%
  • There are no processing fees for this Dehradun car loan
  • Maximum loan tenure can be 7 years
  • There are no pre-closure charges

You can apply for a car loan in Dehradun by simply visiting website. The website will show you a list of Interest rates for car loans in Dehradun. You can use our online calculator to compare the Dehradun car loans. Once you are done researching and comparing your loan quotes you can select the best one for yourself.

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