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1) Car loan basics

A car loan is a loan specially designed to aid you in buying the car of your dreams.  With a car loan, you are saved from the trouble of paying the entire amount upfront. You just need to make a small down payment for the car and the rest of the amount will be taken care of by the bank. This way you avoid raiding your savings and pay off the car’s value to the bank over a period of 5-7 years (or less, depending on your choice). With a car loan in Agartala, you can get your dream car easily on monthly repayments. A car loan would provide you the money that you would need to buy a brand new car or even a used car.

Different banks in India have different car loan schemes. This means that you will have to do some research in order to find the right kind of loan to suit your needs.

2) Benefits of a car loan

Car loan in Agartala is the best loan solution if you want to buy a new car and want to finance it. You will have to submit documentation for a car loan. After applying for a car loan in Agartala, you will get the desired amount for your car. With a car loan, you can buy the car you wished for, which was earlier unaffordable. 

3) Things to keep in mind when availing a car loan

Every bank offers car loans with different schemes and interest rates. This interest rate depends on your credit history and loan tenure chosen by you. The higher your credit score, the lower your Interest Rates on car loans. Another important aspect you should keep in mind is the on-time loan repayment. It is important to organize your finances and think about repayment before you apply for the loan. If you fail to pay your EMIs regularly and without delay, not only will you have to pay a penalty but also your credit score will be negatively impacted. 

4) Car loan Interest Rates in Agartala

Interest Rates for car loans in Agartala start from 9.35% and vary from bank to bank.

Some of the banks with good Interest Rates in Agartala for car loans are:

  • Axis Bank offers car loans with an Interest Rate from 11% to 12%
  • ICICI Bank has Interest Rate for car loans from 10.75% to 12.75%
  • Federal Bank offers an Interest Rate from 9.50% and 9.75%
  • Bank of India has offers car loans at 9.50% onwards

5) Top banks/institutions offering car loans in Agartala

Various banks offer car loans in Agartala:

1. Dena Bank

  • This Agartala bank offers a floating Interest Rate of 10.10% 
  • Service taxes and processing fees of Rs. 500
  • Maximum tenure is 5 years
  • No pre-closure charges are required.

2. Bank of Baroda

  • Interest Rate is a floating one, and it amounts 9.90%
  • Repayment tenure is 84 months
  • Maximum loan amount is Rs. 100 lakhs (or Rs 1 crore)

3. ICICI Bank

  • Interest Rates from 9.65% to 10.75%
  • Processing fee up to Rs. 5,350
  • Maximum tenure period  is 7 years
  • Applicants between 23 and 70 year olds can apply
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